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Your car’s windscreen is the second line of defense, when it comes to a front-end collision. It withstands the impact of typical road hazards and harsh conditions, reducing the occurrence of cracks and chips. For those who want to add an extra layer of protection to their vehicle’s windscreen, Fresh Window Tinting provides windscreen protection films that can safeguard your glass from potential damages and prevent it from shattering during a collision.

Why Use ClearPlex Windscreen Film?

At Fresh Window Tinting, we only use windscreen protection films from ClearPlex – a leading manufacturer of window glass film protection company in the market. These films are scratch resistant and can improve the structural integrity of your vehicle’s windscreen. Moreover, they are more durable, economical and easier to install than any other windscreen films available today.

How Can Windshield Protection Film Protect Your Investment?

Prevent Cracking & Pitting:

As you drive on busy highways and messy city streets, you may come across many dangerous hazards. Our windscreen films protect your car’s front glass from road debris, rock chips, wiper blade abrasions and other harmful objects on the road. It absorbs any object that hits the windscreen, and thereby preventing cracking and pitting.

Accident Safety:

Our windscreen films protect you if you are happened to be involved in an accident. These films are sturdy enough to prevent glass from shattering. They not only keep the passengers safe from injuries but also offer protection for your valuables and belongings.

Weather Friendly:

Our windscreen films also offer ultimate protection against bad weather conditions such as snow, hail and other environmental factors. Its smooth, seamless application facilitates water and snow to slide off effortlessly. This helps to prevent the formation of hard water spots and damages from hail storms.

Virtually Invisible:

Our windscreen protection films are optically transparent and virtually invisible, especially when installed precisely. They never peel-off, bubble or crack throughout its lifetime. They also act as UV stabilisers, reducing vehicle heat and prolonging the interior’s life.

Want to stay safe in the event of a collision? Contact us now at 0434 272 547 to schedule an appointment for installing windscreen protection films on your vehicle.

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