Automotive Window Tinting

Automotive Window Tinting:

Would you like to give your car a sleek look and want it to stand out from the crowd? If yes, turn to Fresh Window Tinting, a leading provider of automotive window tinting in Melbourne. Not only does our window tint give your car an elegant look, but also helps with interior protection, heat reduction, and ensuring privacy, comfort and security. Available in an array of shades for you to choose from, our window tints allow you to add an aesthetic value to your car and make it look more elegant than ever.

Customise Your Car With Window Tint To Match Your Style:

Our car window tint films can enhance the appearance and elegance of any vehicle. From bold and striking colours to subtle shades, we have tint films in a variety of hues. We also offer a wide range of choices from classic dyed and metal alloy films to the contemporary non-metallic and nano-ceramic technology. With numerous options to choose from, you can pick the tint shade and type matching your individual style.


Block Harmful UV Rays, Reduce Heat & Glare And Improve Privacy & Safety:


  • Our window films are engineered to reduce annoying glare and provide maximum heat rejection while ensuring extreme comfort for you and your family.
  • Our tint films also provide superior protection from harmful UV radiation, which is the major cause of interior fading and dangerous skin damage to the occupants.
  • Ensuring privacy from prying eyes, our window tints also serve as a protective barrier between you and the glass, and protect you from injuries in case of a collision.

We Abide By Window Tint Laws Melbourne, Victoria:

There are legal restrictions in Australia to regulate the application of dark tints for cars. In Victoria, the minimum VLT (Visible Light Transmission) for the front side windows is 35%. For rear and rear side windows, the minimum VLT is 20%. Fresh Window Tinting takes the guess work out of whether or not your car’s tint film is within the legal limit. While we offer tint films in a variety of shades, none of them will hinder your ability to see through them. So, you can drive down the road with confidence knowing that you are abiding by all window tinting laws.

If you would like to get your car windows tinted in Melbourne legally, call 0434 272 547 and get in touch with our window tinting experts!

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