Car Window Tinting

Car Window Tinting:

Looking for a car tinting business near Cranbourne, Melbourne? Look no further than Fresh Window Tinting. Having been in the industry for many years, we pride ourselves in offering the best prices and highest quality services for your car tinting requirements. Our team of window tinting experts always does a top quality job and even recommends the right tinting film suitable for your budget and desired performance.

The plain glass of your car windows by itself can block UV-B rays and reduce sunburn and tanning. However, it allows UV-A radiation that can lead to genetic damage of your skin, blotchiness, wrinkles, pre-mature aging and even skin cancer. All of our car window tint films are efficient at blocking 99% of UV light, making the interior of your vehicle safe and comfortable for you and your passengers. In addition, it also prevents and retards the deterioration of your car’s interior.

Car Tinting Melbourne


Car Tinting For Cool Vehicle Protection!


High-Quality Car Window Tinting:

At Fresh Window Tinting, we only install high-quality window tint films that can block solar energy and ensure remarkable heat reduction inside your vehicle. By limiting the amount of heat streaming through the windows, you will breathe a sigh of relief while stepping into a car that requires less air conditioning to maintain a comfortable temperature inside.

Achieve An Elegant Look With Our Car Tinting Melbourne Service:

With a wide range of window tint films available in different levels of darkness in the market today, Fresh Window Tinting offers only the right and legal tint that fits your car. Engineered with time-tested and cutting edge technologies, our window tint films make a perfect choice for both private vehicle and commercial window fleet. With amazing heat reduction, blocking 99% UV rays, cutting glare and ensuring privacy & security, our superior tinting film not only makes your vehicle cooler inside but also stylish outside.

If you are ready to get car tinting done by an expert installer, then call 0434 272 547 and get in touch with Fresh Window Tinting today.

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