Ceramic Coating


Want to keep your car looking brand new and more attractive? Then, ceramic coating is an option that is worth serious consideration. At Fresh Window Tinting, we offer ceramic coating service that helps protecting your car against common intrusions such as UV rays, road salt, bird droppings, and acid and alkaline found in rain. We only use advanced ceramic coating products that provide a high degree of corrosion resistance and serve as the most effective barrier against scratches and environmental pollutants.

At Fresh Window Tinting, we are committed to providing Melbourne drivers with top-notch ceramic coating services that exceed expectations. Our skilled technicians are well-versed in the latest application techniques and use premium-grade ceramic coating products to ensure exceptional results.

In addition to our ceramic coating services, we also offer professional car window tinting to further enhance your driving experience. Our window tinting solutions provide UV protection, heat reduction, and enhanced privacy while complementing the sleek aesthetics of your vehicle.

What Is Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating is a chemical polymer solution that restores your car’s paintwork to its former glory, restricts adhesion of dirt, reduces UV-related hazards and prevents acid/alkaline intrusions. In addition to adding a layer of protection, ceramic coating also restores the high gloss appearance of your vehicle.

Ceramic coating has revolutionized the automotive industry by providing a durable and long-lasting protective layer for your vehicle’s exterior. This innovative coating consists of nano-ceramic particles that bond with the paint surface, creating an invisible shield against environmental contaminants, UV rays, and minor scratches. Here’s why ceramic coating is the ideal choice for preserving your vehicle’s shine

Our Process:


  • Washing – The residue left on the surface of the vehicle prevents strong bonding and proper adhesion of ceramic coating and paint work., So, we begin with properly washing your vehicle to fully decontaminate the exterior surface of your car.
  • Polish – After thoroughly cleaning the surface, we will polish paint and correct existing issues such as scratches and abrasions. When applied without correcting these issues, ceramic coating will lock those scratches and swirls, resulting in eyesore.
  • Application – Once the surface has been properly perfected, we will add the ceramic coating to your car and is left to cure.

Benefits Of Ceramic Coating:

  • Unrivalled depth of gloss and shine
  • Stunning look to your vehicle
  • Added protection to your vehicle’s paintwork
  • Protection from harmful UV rays and environmental oxidation
  • Prevent damages from tree sap and road tar
  • Easier to clean and maintain
  • Resistant to bug guts and bird droppings
  • Resistant to minor scratches
  • Minimises debris adhesion

To give your car a truly royal treatment it deserves, call Fresh Window Tinting on 0434 272 547 and discuss what type of ceramic coating would be best suitable for your car’s paintwork. View more from our window tinting in Melbourne.

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