Top 5 Myths About Car Window Tinting Its Reality

As we are living in an era of the modern industrial revolution, we are experiencing exponential growth in car users. Car is always been a status symbol of everybody from decades. Nowadays people are more concern about their car in terms of how it looks, it’s comfort, safety & privacy.

The one thing that can satisfy all of the above needs in one go is – Car Tinting. When it comes to car tinting like other hot topics in the market, it also has lots of misconceptions and myths, which are spread in the Car Industry. These myths are creating lots of confusion in the customer’s mind about car tinting. Here we are trying to burst those baseless myths with proper justification.

Myth – 1. Window tinting is just for aesthetics only & it does not have any real time practical benefits to offer.

There is no doubt that window tinting can make your car aesthetically more appealing and add a touch of richness. But this is not the only thing that tinting can offer. When you will consider real advantages of tinting your car, you will really think about car tinting from a different perspective. A high-quality tint film can block up to 99% of UV rays coming from the sun, which can be very harsh on your car on a hot sunny day. This blockage of UV rays helps to protect your car’s interior & prevent fading of car. You also know that direct exposure of UV rays are very lethal to your skin. Window tinting of a car can provide a good option to protect your skin from solar radiation.

In addition to this, window tint can make your car safer for the driver by blocking intense glare coming from the sun. Also, proper tinting can provide you privacy by partially blocking its outside view. Window tinting also helps you to decrease the car’s internal temperature and reduce the load on the car’s air conditional system. This has a great economic advantage by lowering fuel and maintenance cost.

Myth – 2. Window tinting can make the car too dark & reduce the clarity of view outside.

This fact is the result of your wrong choice of tint film for tinting. There is a wide range of tint films available in the market with a variety of shades. Some of them are invisible too. The darkening level is in your hand. You can choose the right tint for your car as per your convenience. But make sure that you are satisfying the local legal guidelines while choosing tint film.

Myth – 3. Window tinting makes my car windows unbreakable.

This is the only myth which we wish to be true. But this is not going to happen. Tint films are basically applied to protect car windows form UV rays and to act as an anti-glare element. Also, it provides protection from dust particle and other adhesive elements which may reduce the strength of your car window. But tinting will not strengthen the structure of the window.

Myth – 4. Applying window tinting will reduce the resale value of the car in future.

This myth is a good example of poor logic. How can protection to your car reduce its resale value? Unless you go for the bad quality of tinting service. Car tinting actually increase the resale value by preventing car’s interior from fading and keeping the paint job of the car intact for a longer time.

Myth – 5. Car Window tinting is illegal practice.

Practically speaking, car window tinting is not at all illegal practice. But there are some rules and regulation about local authority, which you must follow while choosing tint film. There some strict guidelines regarding the following parameters:

  • Percentage of VLT ( Visible Light Transmission )
  • Reflectiveness index
  • Tint colour
  • Side mirror visibility

If you follow the legal guidelines accurately, then you can go for Car Window Tinting without hesitation.

Final words :

We hope that from above elaboration major of myths regarding car window tinting has been resolved. If you want to give protection to your car which not only enhances the looks but also provides safety & privacy to your beautiful car, then we can help you in this regards.

We at Fresh Window Tinting, provide best in class car window tinting service at an affordable cost. We have a wide range of tint films and other accessories which make your car tinting looks awesome without violating legal guidelines.

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