Have you considered window tinting for your business? More than the curb appeal, the benefits of window tinting outweighs the cost and makes your daily activities run efficiently. So, commercial buildings should get a commercial window film installed. It may not be your topmost priority, but the benefits are endless. Commercial window films greatly enhance the appearance of the building, and also offer financial and aesthetic benefits. Here in this blog, we help you understand why window tinting for your business is a great idea. 

Improves Comfort & Increases Productivity

Window films keep your employees away from squinting, eye strain, and even mild headaches. It acts as a protective shield on your windows and keeps your office environment away from the scorching sunlight. Commercial window films can prevent harmful rays to fall in and reduce the glare. This, in turn, helps the employees from glare and eye strain, thus increasing the productivity rate. 

Lowers Energy Bills

Commercial window tinting helps lowers the stress of higher utility bills. It’s the expense of heating and air. Often businesses overlook this, when choosing their location and the result, they end up paying more. The exposure of heat will have a direct influence on your utility bills. Moreover, by getting a commercial window film, you are saving up on your energy bills. 

Return On Investment

When you invest in commercial window films, you will have a quick payback as it reduces your utility bills. Eventually, you will end up saving up some money, where you can use it for your other priorities. Commercial window tinting greatly helps in reducing utility costs, and you can focus on other important things. 

Increases Appearance

Window films greatly improve the exterior of your building. Making a professional appearance is a must for your business. Commercial window tinting will boost your property value immensely and maintains the interior privacy and leaves the exterior with a sophisticated look. That is why getting a commercial window film is helpful. 

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What’s happier than sipping a cup of coffee and gazing out your windows? Glass windows bring out the aesthetic appeal of your home. However, if you have been wondering why your house gets overheated suddenly, and your house paint loses its colour. Perhaps it’s time to go for a residential window tinting Melbourne. Many would think that, when it comes to window tinting, it is only for cars. Your house windows need tinting as well, and once you install, you would be surprised to see the results. 

Blocks UV rays

Window tints protect you from the exposure of harmful UV rays. It also reduces the heat from entering your house. It is essential to protect your skin from sunburns, as UV rays are prone to damage the skin with allergies and redness. 

Protecting Your Interior

When the glass allows the heat or UV rays to pass through, your beloved cushions and upholstery starts to fade quickly. When you install a window film, it blocks the rays and keeps your house cool, and saves your upholstery and wall paints from fading. 

Weather – Friendly

You would be surprised, even if the hot sun is scorching out, you’ll be able to feel cool indoors. This happens with window tinting. It also helps to keep your interior warm even in cooler climates, thus resulting in reducing your power bills. 

Increased Privacy

Be it anything, if privacy is your concern, then window tinting films are a must. From the passerby to the nosy neighborhood, you can put an end to people who sneak through your windows. Window tinting makes it harder for outsiders to see what’s inside and prevents you from unexpected threats. 

Reduces Glare

Glaring windows are a headache for most homeowners. Glare irritates your eyes, and sometimes even gives you eye aches. Window film acts as an excellent barrier in controlling the glare and absorbs less heat. 

So, getting a Home window tinting Melbourne service would be highly useful and you can enjoy the look of your glass windows. 

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There was a time when people did not like adding window tints to their commercial space. Much of that was due to the unattractive and substandard installation or older version of tint that was more of an eyesore!There was a time when people did not like adding window tints to their commercial space. Much of that was due to the unattractive and substandard installation or older version of tint that was more of an eyesore!

But those days have changed, and the quality of the window tints have substantially gone up. Present day’s window tints have so much to offer- including. They are more resilient, and with a small initial investment, they stay good for decades.

“Fresh Window Tinting”- your one-stop solution to quality window tinting services in Dandenong will guide you to procure the right kind of window tint for your commercial set-up.

We will present you with an impressive variety of tinting shades which will not only provide optimal protection but keep the indoor temperature comfortable and uniform.

Our superior quality window tinting is exactly what your commercial office needs. And here are some good enough reasons.

Blocking Excessive Solar Heat Gain & Restricting Solar Glares:-

Fun Fact:- 1/3rd of an average building’s cooling load is hampered due to solar heat coming from the windows. And when this happens continuously, it requires a lot of energy to cool it down.

But by installing our quality window tints; you can keep your indoor temperature more uniform and cosy without even having to rely on your air conditioner. Our office tints are excellent in absorbing heat and even reflecting it off the face of the window surface.

Additionally; our quality window tints can help to reduce solar glares considerably without having to sacrifice any amount of daylight. And truth be told, this is beneficial for your employees who have to sit in front of the computer most parts their day. It can save them from eye-strains, headaches and even excessive sun glare. Plus, it helps prevent glares off shiny surfaces, like office tiles, counters and other reflective surfaces.

Prevents Signs Of Fading Due To Ultraviolet Light Exposure:-

Our quality window tints will also prevent the harmful UV lights from entering through the front window. Too much exposure can cause your office furniture to fade and become an unmatching item in your commercial workplace.

This is not only restricted to furniture but also your photos, artwork, carpets, drapes and other items that get constant exposure to the UV rays. Installing our quality tints will cut down on those UV rays without reducing any visibility in the ambient light.

Boosts Up Your Office Privacy & Security:-

Most window films are ingeniously created to provide ample visible light  inside. This is to preserve the view and also enable those inside to get a clear vision. However, the good thing here is that the view of the interior is blocked from the outside, and this works well if you wish to enhance your privacy without sacrificing the wonderful view.

Some window films are thick enough to hold the windows together and prevent them from shattering. So in a way, they will even reduce the damage on the interior and ensure the employees are safe and unharmed.

And Lastly, It Lends Your Commercial Building A Wonderful Appearance:-

Present-day window tints are much more advanced than the ones available before. Also, to mention; our tinting specialists regularly educate themselves of the latest trends in the industry and try to make the tints more advanced, strong and resilient.

This presents your office windows a uniform and neat look from the outside- even if it uses blinds and drapes. We also give you the option of customising your window tints. Be it patterns, logo, or even with your business name; we will be happy to meet your requirements.

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Everyone dreams to have a secure home, and to achieve it; homeowners constantly try and figure out effective ways to bolster their property defences.

Security alarms and password-enabled locks are ways through which you can strengthen their home security. However, with these, there’s another strategy which works well in keeping your home safe- professional house tinting from experts in Melbourne at reasonable rates!

“Fresh Window Tinting”, is your one-stop tinting company that caters to all your vivid requirements. We have a pool of highly trained tinting professionals who always provide top-quality and reasonable solutions to maintain your home privacy and safeguard your home from UV rays and possible break-ins!

“How Our Tinting Services Improves Your Home Security?”

  • Our Tints Will Limit Outside Visibility-

Perhaps the most direct consequence of our quality window tinting is that it limits outside visibility.

With the impression of dark windows, it gives outsiders the impression that someone may be watching from the inside, and hence, lurking around the property could be potentially risky.

  • Prevents Your Home From Being A Vandal’s Target-

Striving to be your reliable window tinting company in Melbourne; our experts always aim to provide peace-of-mind. Our window tints will make it nearly impossible for vandals thieves to see what’s inside.

Without a clear line of sight, they may become hesitant possibly with the thought that the homeowner has set a trap to catch them, red-handed. So by creating a necessary darkness in your home and also forming doubts in the thieves mind, our tinting operations prevent your house from being an easy target for miscreants or evildoers.

  • Prevents Accidents From Making The Glass Shatter-Resistant-

Furthermore; our onsite window tinting services present one more deterrent against shattering window glasses. Our tints are quality-proven and, on installation makes your window glasses shatter-resistant.

As breaking-windows to get-in prove to be a common entryway for burglars; our tinting reinforcement helps stop such attempted break-ins. And those brave enough to try, they may collide against the whole window frame, and in the process get hurt badly. This increases your chances of catching them in the act.

“How Does It Boost Up Your Property Value?”

  • Reduces Excess Heat From Passing Through The Windows-

By reducing entry of sunrays; our window tinting operations make your home more private and comfortable to reside.

Potential home buyers like homes with tinted windows that block the outside view but still allows insiders to see outside. Plus, they also appreciate the visual appeal it lends to the interior decor. So, this increases your chance of a successful home sale- if you wish to do so in the future!

  • Healthy Living By Preventing Excessive Sun’s Exposure-

Too much exposure to sun’s rays can cause many health-related issues like accelerated aging, acne by drying out the skin’s moisture and even vision issues in the long-run.

By adding our window tints to your gorgeous windows; you can make your abode a healthier one. And by that, you can expect to raise its overall value too!

  • Blocks harmful UV From Damaging Furniture, Family Portraits and Carpets-

Lastly; our quality tinting operations will also safeguard your interior furniture, textile, family antique, vintage portrait, carpets/rugs and any priceless piece of artwork present.

It is known to everyone that excessive UV exposure can break down pigments, create a bleaching effect and eventually ruin upholstery, rugs and curtains. Furthermore, UV rays can even heat up the surface and destroy leather, oil paintings, lacquers and even wooden varnishes.

By contacting “Fresh Window Tinting”, for our sound and quality window tinting services in Melbourne you can aptly protect each of your household belongings.

So, now that you know everything feel free to have a word with one of our tinting specialists. They will get you started!