Window Tinting

Is the interior furniture of your residence losing its colour? It's not about the dust and pollution that is getting accumulated on the window panes. The UV rays of the sun have a significant part to play in this. However, you can go for a permanent solution to this problem by opting for the best window tinting service in Melbourne brought to you by Fresh Window Tinting. We are here to help you out in creating an eco-friendly shield outside your window pane that will mitigate the impact of UV rays and contribute to safeguarding the indoor furniture.

Our Services:

  • Car Window Tinting
  • Residential Window Tinting
  • Office Window Tinting
Home Window Tinting

In the modern home architecture, reflective tinted windows have become an absolute necessity for energy efficiency. At Fresh Window Tinting, our focus is to make every house in Australia protected from the harmful UV rays of sunlight. As soon as you make sure the window is tinted appropriately, your windows will instantly improve the impact of the air conditioner and successfully mitigate the power consumption. You are sure to enjoy the privilege of low electricity bills with our services. We provide our clients with superior quality window films following the recent trends of home window tinting in Cranbourne. Our services will help you to lead a healthy life, enjoy the privacy and offer you a significant saving on your bills.

Car Window Tinting

Wish to elevate the appearance of your vehicle instantly without spending too much of money? We are here to assist you in the endeavour. Our collection includes glass tinting facility for the most renowned car models in the market. Compare our prices with that of our competitors, and you will get to know how we care for our valued customers. It is a proven fact that eye fatigue is one of the standard reasons of significant accidents during long drives. Tinting minimise the glare of the sun as well as the headlight to make sure your eyes don't get tired, and you can keep your eyes fixed on the road while driving. Moreover, our tinting services instantly add significant value to your car. Therefore, when it comes to selling off the car, you will be able to do it ask for a reasonable price.

Office Window Tinting

Consider it mandatory to create a pleasant environment within your office premises to make sure the employees remain energised. No matter how much you spend on installing window glasses, the sunlight is sure to come through and dazzle the eyes of your employees. We promise you to make your office premises energy efficient. Evidently, a workplace requires running some air conditioning systems together. The electricity bills remain quite high at all times and to mitigate it; there is no better option than tinting the windows. Tinting will reflect the maximum sunlight and don’t let it enter your office premises in any way. As a result, the atmosphere of your office premises will remain cool, and the air conditioning system will not require being running throughout the day.

Our team consists of the best professional experts who possess years of experience of window tinting in Cranbourne. Along with the protection against UV rays, our tinted designs help in infrared energy reduction, ultimately mitigating the distributed heat within the room. We specialise in all types of window tinting that successfully blocks 99% of the UV rays to enter the indoors and rejects the heat up to 50%.

Consider checking our collection of decorative films that will let you create the appearance you want for your house or office. The protective layer helps in sudden break down of the window glass, safeguarding your property from getting robbed.